A dynamic runtime environment for python

Q: What is it?

A: A pacakge that provides various features aimed at increasing productivity and speed of development for those seeking to write applications in python. Features are mostly implemented via subclassing from an alternative base class then pythons built in object class.

Q: What features does it offer?

A: Most features are aimed at productivity and improving the minimum standard for application quality and capability. Currently, any application that inherits from base instead of object has:

  1. Automatically generated documentation (docstrings and websites)
  2. Automatically generated command line argument parser
  3. Automatic verbosity handling and logging
  4. Simple concurrency mechanisms which seldom require locking primitives of any kind
  5. The ability to be updated from source at runtime without pausing or stopping execution
  6. The ability to take snapshots of application state, and restore snapshots at any point
  7. An interactive interpreter usable from your application (or remotely if enabled)

Q: Where can I learn more?

A: Investigate or jump straight into the documentation at

Q: What are the dependencies?

A: Python 2.7+ is required. optional modules require additional dependencies:

  1. Low level audio support requires pyalsaaudio on linux or pyaudio otherwise
  2. SDL support requires SDL2.0 and pysdl2